My name is Livia, and I design, write, and draw. I love thinking about the psychology of spaces, and stuff like why attics make us feel so cozy or why we remember our parent's bedrooms as so much bigger than they were. I enjoy using both digital and analog methods in my work, from hand sketching to CNC milling, or from a Rhino model to a hand-welded shelf. I grew up between Italy and the US, which has deeply influenced the way I think about design,  particularly in the way that people relate to their homes and histories.

When I'm not drawing or making models, I am usually working on my ceramics (mostly vases that should be functional but are not) or reading (mostly short stories).

I'm also a sign aficionado, and am always on the lookout for some new neon for my sign instagram, @good-signs.

contact me

Email: lcalari@gmail.com

Phone: (202) 321-4987

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